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Ref: Closure of Agricultural University in Sikkim

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Ref: Closure of Agricultural University in Sikkim

Dear Mr. Roy,

First of all as always thank you for keeping us informed about the news from Darjeeling, Sikkim, and the rest of the world. One news article caught my attention today and I felt it is my responsibility through your outlet to spread the message around. The topic pertains to the closure of a university in Sikkim. As far my knowledge goes with this issue, I do not think that it is named Sikkim Agriculture University. I would highly appreciate if you could correct me if I am wrong. Because, if it is actually a Sikkim Agriculture University, then the problem is even more immense. If I know well enough the Central Government (more specifically, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, ICAR) had set up a model agriculture university for the North East called the Central Agriculture University (CAU). I think in Sikkim they have the Post Harvest Technology branch of the same university. No matter what the name or nomenclature of the institute be it is a huge loss for agriculture students and professionals from the region.

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