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KALIMPONG, 8 JANUARY 2018: Communist Party of India Marxist (CPIM) has demanded Tripartite Talks to discuss on the various issues faced by the people in Darjeeling Hills. J. B. Sarkar, who attended a meeting of the party organised today in Kalimpong said that the party demanded immediate tripartite talks between the representatives of the Hills meaning representatives from all the major political parties in the Hills, the State and the Central Government. When asked as to what should be the agenda for the Tripartite Meeting, Sarkar said the party demanded the ‘Highest Form of Autonomy’ for the Hills. When asked as to what he had to say about the demand for the separate state of Gorkhaland, Sarkar questioned back saying, “Will Statehood solve all the problems faced by the people of the Hills, especially the labour class, the tea garden workers etc.” Sarkar however, did not elaborate on what he meant by the ‘Highest Form of Autonomy”.

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