Subha Pradhan resigns from the post of Kalimpong Municipal Chairman but will re-contest for the post again



KALIMPONG, 2 DECEMBER 2017: Kalimpong Municipal Chairman Subha Pradhan today not just resigned from the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) but also from the post of Kalimpong Municipal Chairman. Addressing the media, he said that it was true that there were tremendous pressure being exerted upon Municipal Commissioners and that there were also talk of no confidence vote being initiated in the Kalimpong Municipality. He said that his fellow Commissioners who had only a few months ago walked shoulder to shoulder with him and formed the new board were now being coerced. He said that there were also talks of the so called Binay-Anit Faction trying to supplant Bimal Gurung faction but he had not done anything that should be construed of being aligned to anyone. Instead, he was devoted to his work and his mandate. As the member of the legal cell of the party, he was overwhelmed at the party’s and the particularly the legal cell’s failure in saving Barun Bhujel or freeing other political prisoners still in lockup.

When inquired why he had resigned from the post of the Chairman of the Municipality, he said that he had done so to clear the path for his fellow Municipal Commissioners to participate in the non confidence motion freely. He added that he would definitely re-contest for the Kalimpong Municipal Chairmanship again. He further added that if anyone was able to prove that he had worked contrary to the dignity of the post of Municipal Chairman, he would immediately resign even as a Municipal Commissioner and not re-contest for Chairmanship of the municipality.

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