Pratap Khati expelled from All India Gorkha League – Biplov Rai takes over as the General Secretary


DARJEELING, 24 OCTOBER 2017: Pratap Khati, the General Secretary of All India Gorkha League has been expelled from the party. In a meeting held today at Gorkha Dukh Niwarak Sammelan (GDNS) and presided over by Bharati Tamang, President All India Gorkha League, a resolution to that effect was unanimously passed. The meeting also resolved to bestow the responsibility of General Secretary of the party to Biplov Rai.

Tamang said that Khati had conspired to oust the President and Vice President from the party by taking unilateral decisions whereby he had first issued show-cause notice to both party President and Vice President viz. Bharati Tamang and Laxman Pradhan respectively for attending the Bipartite Meeting held at Uttar Kanya in Siliguri. Later, Khati had also unilaterally suspended both Bharati Tamang and Laxman Pradhan. This, Laxman Pradhan said was against the Constitution of the party and the spirit of the party.

Further, Bharati Tamang said that Khati had taken it upon himself to change the locks of the Party Office in order to keep the party leadership away from the party office. She also said that cadres and leaders were being harassed and threatened with dire consequences if they did not support him. She said that it was because of Khati a large number of old cadres of the party had left. She also appealed to these cadres to return to the party.






Pravin Thami

Pravin Thami is the Chief Cameraman and the Coordinator Darjeeling Region for ‘The Himalayan Beacon’.

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