Kishore Gurung accorded a Grand Welcome by the GNLF




DARJEELING, 17 NOVEMBER 2017: The Old Guards are returning to the Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) and there has been a great deal of jubilation in the party because these former party leaders who had earlier left the party were returning with sizeable grassroot level support for the GNLF. Today, Kishore Gurung, one of the most powerful leaders of the GNLF and a strongman who holds considerable sway over the the Lumthang and Happy Valley region returned to the party. The party in turn came out with extended arms and offered a Grand Welcome. Top level party leaders including party spokesperson Y. Lama stood in wait with garlands as Kishore Gurung walked all the way from his base. Together they then walked towards the party office as sizeable supporters from the Happy Valley region followed.

Speaking to Pravin Thami, THB Correspondent, Y. Lama said that it was not a rally but an impromptu ‘padyatra’ as large number of supporters of Kishore Gurung turned up and decided to walk all the way to the party Headquarters. He said that this showed that the people supported the party and the party’s leadership.

At the party headquarters, party president Maan Ghisingh offered a scarf to Kishore Gurung welcoming him back to the party and Kishore Gurung in turn offered Ghisingh a scarf and pledged his support to the party once again.

Pravin Thami

Pravin Thami is the Chief Cameraman and the Coordinator Darjeeling Region for ‘The Himalayan Beacon’.

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