International Himalayan Run and Trek Competition


MIRIK, 28 OCTOBER 2017: International Himalayan Run and Trek Competition is being organised from 29th of October 2017 to 3rd of November 2017. During the competition the competitors will have to cover a distance of 100 miles. The race will be flagged off from Maneybhanjyang on the 29th of October 2017. Speaking during a press meet, Race Director C. S. Pandey said that competitors from Germany, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, United States, Argentina, Singapore, Sweden, Austria, Spain and Canada among other nations.

Pandey said that this here there are 32 female and 31 male competitors. Among the female competitors Julia Blanko Alimnana is the youngest being 16 years of age. Sheila Amerod is the eldest among the female competitors being 69 years of age. Among the male competitors Bret Douglas Baker is the youngest being 15 years of age while Rex Whittal is the eldest being 77 years of age. All the above four competitors are from the United Kingdom.

Pandey said that the International Himalayan Run and Trek Competition was started in 1991. The main objective of this Competition was to promote adventure sports in the Darjeeling Hills area and to preserve the ecological and environmental bounty of the Himalayan Region. As well as making the Darjeeling hills as an epi-centre of adventure sports in the world.

He said that since there was much pollution in the hills, the competitors will also undertake cleaning efforts during the race. This is simply to promote the idea that the preservation of environment is one of the most important thing that we need to undertake.




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