Gorkhas singled out to prove their nationality for residential certificate

8 months ago Pravin Thami 2


DARJEELING, 3 NOVEMBER 2017: Gorkhas have been singled out to prove their nationality for obtaining residential certificate. In the application for obtaining residential certificate that is presently made available in the hills curious documents have been asked to be included during the submission of the certificate. An application obtained by ‘The Himalayan Beacon’ shows that as a proof of Permanent citizenship, Land deed/land tax receipt since 1950, voter list proving residence since 1950, birth certificate proving residence since 1950, ration card proving residence since 1950 and any other Government documents proving residence of the family since 1950.

Speaking to ‘The Himalayan Beacon’ a social analyst said these documents are almost impossible to garner for most of the Gorkhas in the Hills simply because most do not own land or property. Many people did not vote during the 1950s simply due to illiteracy or some other reason nor did they have ration cards or any other documents for that matter. The result is that their descendants are now having a hard time proving that they are permanent residents of the region even though they have been living here for generations probably even before the independence of the nation.

Speaking to  ‘The Himalayan Beacon’ Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxists (CPRM) Govind Chettri said that the people of the hills will have to be made aware of this issue. He said that the party was concerned in the way that the Gorkhas had been singled out in this issue.


Pravin Thami

Pravin Thami is the Chief Cameraman and the Coordinator Darjeeling Region for ‘The Himalayan Beacon’.