Gorkha Adarsh English School inaugurated; Local youth builds school in his Mother’s Village

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KALIMPONG, 28TH FEBRUARY 2018: Around seven kilometers from Algarah in the Algarah – Mirik fourth mile area formerly known as Pakthang, a new school Gorkha Adarsh English School has come up. This school has come up mainly due to the initiative of a local resident Shirab Lama. Lama also provided all the finance for the school himself as it wanted to build a school at his mother’s village. The main aim behind the starting of the school has been to impart English medium education following the ICSE syllabus in the village which so far suffers drastically from the lack of proper schools.

Kjell Booneland, a Swedish citizen and a philanthropist as well as a close friend of Shirab Lama was the chief guest during the inauguration. He was accompanied by his friends Peter, Christina and Emily.

Shirab Lama during the inauguration of the school said that he had to walk long distance to attend a school. He felt that he had to take the initiative of starting a good school in the village.


Ashap Lama

Ashap Lama is the Chief Cameraman and Coorespondent Kalimpong Region for ‘The Himalayan Beacon’.