EDITORIAL: A Bunch of Dreams

20 years ago Barun Roy 0

The introductory editorial of the First Issue of Beacon, published January  1998

This magazine you are holding in your hands is not just a bunch of printed papers but dreams and aspirations of some young people and their will to do something for their society, their people and their nation.

We have come a long way, from the period of dreaming to the present reality which you are holding in your hands, working day and night in the cold winter, meeting people, authorities, ministers, travelling from one place to another, driven by one thing and one thing only, dedication, dedication to achieve a goal, the goal that of creating awareness among the people of Darjeeling hills, focusing their problems and reminding those who have forgotten or least do care, the glory of the land where we were born and raised. The dream of fighting for the rights of our people but at the same time making them aware of their duties towards themselves, their society and our great nation.

I had came alone, bare handed with a dream only, that of doing something for the land I belonged, the place I was born, but these young soldiers of goodness made this dream ‘Our Dream’, what better can a man hope than his dream being shared by his fellow brothers. When I cam back home with a dream in my heart I saw a Beacon deep inside their eyes, a signal, a sign of aspiration and dedication to work for the good of our people, our nation. I dedicate this magazine, this first step towards realizing not just our own dreams, but the dreams of the people of Darjeeling hills, to my team, my fellow colleagues, Subash Sthapit, Raju Biswas, Vikash Agarwal, Prateeq Ojha, Asif Iqbal, Prashant Rai, Nishan chettri, Amina Fareedi and Tarun Agarwal, whose dedication, made Beacon a reality, and as well as Prof. Kashinath Ojha for accepting to write a column for us and all those who helped us in every big and small ways, whose names would fill great pages, but whose love and help to us would fill even greater hearts.

Beacon is not an instrument of revolution nor a mouth piece of some political party. Beacon will stand for your rights but will also tell you about your duties.

And what better description than the word itself we are the Beacon and we stand for you. And last but not the least a very very happy new year and let your life be a Beacon for your fellow brothers and sisters.

Barun Roy – B.A (Philosophy), PGDCA, PGCAD, M.A. (History), M.A. (Journalism and Mass Communication), UGC NET, is an author based in Darjeeling, India. He is also a devoted researcher and a scholar.