Digital Ration Card to be soon compulsory to obtain weekly ration

6 months ago Pravin Thami 1



DARJEELING, 5 DECEMBER 2017: Digital Ration Card will soon be compulsory to obtain weekly ration. Mohammed Jauhar Alam, WBF&SS while interacting with ‘The Himalayan Beacon’ said that Digital Ration Cards will be soon be compulsory to obtain weekly ration. This means that the old ration cards will lapse. He thus requested all citizens who do not possess digital ration cards to immediately apply for the same without fail. He said that people could come directly to the Food and Supply office to apply for the digital ration cards.

Pravin Thami

Pravin Thami is the Chief Cameraman and the Coordinator Darjeeling Region for ‘The Himalayan Beacon’.