Defence Estates Day celebrated at Jalapahar Cantonment Board

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DARJEELING, 17 DECEMBER 2017: Defence Estates Day was celebrated at Jalapahar Cantonment Board, Darjeeling with much fanfare. A function was held at the precincts of the Board where all the staff members of the Board participated. Students from Cantonment Board Primary School, Jalapahar and Vocational Training Centre, Jalapahar performed various cultural and modern dances. Office Superintendent Sati Devi Rai recited poems penned by her. The finals of the men’s doubles badminton tournament was also held where in a closely contested match Dinesh Gurung and Ruben Lakhandri stood victors while Kushal Subba and Ganesh Pradhan were runners up.

It may be noted that Defence Estates Day is celebrated to commemorate the passing of the Cantonment Act on this very day in 1924. The Defence Lands and Cantonments Service as a Central Service was created in 1940’s. In 1985 however, the name of service was changed from Defence Lands and Cantonments Service to Indian Defence Estates Service. At present IDES cadre has 189 Officers. There are 62 Cantonments and 37 Defence Estates Office Circles. Out of 62 Cantonments, six were created after Independence. The department looks after the civic functions in the Cantonments through Cantonment Boards and each Cantonment has a Chief Executive Officer from Indian Defence Estates Service.

Yashpal Singh IDES, is the Chief Executive Officer of Jalapahar Cantonment Board. Under his aegis the Board has been engaged in number of developmental works which has brought a great deal of recognition to the board. The Vocational Training Centre, Jalapahar run by the Board has so far trained more than 200 students both from Army and Civil population and helped them gain meaningful vocation.

Pravin Thami

Pravin Thami is the Chief Cameraman and the Coordinator Darjeeling Region for ‘The Himalayan Beacon’.