Copyright and Legal Issues

The Himalayan Beacon takes Copyrights seriously. It hereby makes the following declarations:
  1. The Himalayan Beacon DOES NOT publish articles that are copyrighted in the name of publications (online or print) other than The Himalayan Beacon.
  2. The Himalayan Beacon publishes contents:
  • Authored by individuals directly associated with ‘The Himalayan Beacon .
  • Submitted by authors directly to the ‘The Himalayan Beacon’, including press releases submitted by various political parties, social organisations and news reports and photographs submitted by freelance reporters and photographers.
  • With due permission from the original Copyright Owner including works reproduced from journals, books etc.
  • With proper link-backs and full credits to ‘original creator’ of contents published under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

.The Himalayan Beacon and all the sites associated with it would also like to clarify that  IF ANY COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENTS ARE FOUND, it is to be immediately intimated at While, ‘The Himalayan Beacon’ and all the sites associated with it makes a ‘CONCENTRATED EFFORT’ NOT TO INFRINGE ANY COPYRIGHT, it may be possible that at times articles submitted by authors may infringe copyrights as yet unknown to ‘The Himalayan Beacon ‘ and all the sites associated with it. Authors are asked ‘NEVER’ to submit materials which are not their ‘CREATIONS’. It has been known that some do still submit articles which may be plagiarized. Such ‘authors’ are debarred from submitting subsequent content materials and their published works summarily removed from ‘The Himalayan Beacon’ and all the sites associated with it. The Himalayan Beacon Networks PROMISES to delete any content DEEMED TO INFRINGE OF ANY COPYRIGHT INDIVIDUAL OR INSTITUTION IMMEDIATELY.

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