BREAKING NEWS: Mann Ghisingh to address people on 28th Jan; Offer Postmortem of everything that has happened so far

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DARJEELING, 11 JANUARY 2018: Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) Chief Mann Ghisingh will be addressing the people on the 28th of January in Darjeeling. Neeraj Zimba, Spokesperson, Central Committee, GNLF addressing the media today said that a meeting was called today at the party Headquarters in Darjeeling. The meeting was presided over by party President Mann Ghisingh. In the meeting it was decided to organize a Centralized Public meeting in Darjeeling. He said that a public meeting by the party had not been organised so far where the party president had directly addressed the people. This was after the last public meeting at Simulbarie near Siliguri presided over by the then Party President and Founder Subash Ghisingh. The meeting today thus decided to organize a party meeting on the 28th of January 2018 near old Super Market, Darjeeling where Mann Ghisingh would himself address the people.

Zimba said that the party will release its political statements on everything that had happened so far including the issue of the formation of Darjeeling Hills Development Committee at whose helm the party president himself is.

When inquired as to when elixir that Zimba had once said was coming to Darjeeling was in fact coming, Zimba said that truly there were talks about elixir and poison and that many were also calling him ‘Biss Purush’. He said that yes in order to advance the interest of the party, there were much that had to be done that many took as something contrary to the interest of the Gorkhas at large. However, this while being seemingly so was not true, GNLF flag has spread across the hills rapidly and that the party was stronger today. He said that the responsibility of remaining true to the cause was applicable to all. GNLF was devoted to the cause and to the people and the land but in politics there was much that needed to be done that sometimes do not always meet the eye.

When inquired where lay the victory of the Gorkha people, Zimba said that the victory of the Gorkha lay in the realization of their long cherished dream. When asked what was the dream of the party, Zimba said that the dream of the party was to fulfill the long cherished dream of the Gorkha people. He said that the party was devoted to the dream (of separate statehood) but that will take some time since it had to pass through due process. He said that the party was devoted to the cause. He said that the party founder Subash Ghisingh had sacrificed everything including his life for the cause. Gorkhaland was not a business for the GNLF, he added.

Zimba said that GNLF would give ‘postmortem’ report of everything that had happened in the recent months. He said that the party leadership will reveal everything that had happened at New Delhi and Kolkata. He said that the party will reveal New Delhi’s stand on Gorkhaland on the 28th of January. He also said that the party leaders will lay bare the reasons as to why the development committee had to be accepted, why it was given and what were its functions. Zimba said that the allegations of GNLF receiving 10 Crores, 100 Crores so on through the Darjeeling Hills Development Committee was absurd because whatever would fund come, would come for the development and would not go to the GNLF or the Party President’s bank account. These will be development funds and everything would be transparent. Anyone could find out about the use of these funds through Right To Information (RTI), he said.

Pravin Thami

Pravin Thami is the Chief Cameraman and the Coordinator Darjeeling Region for ‘The Himalayan Beacon’.