“(Bimal) Gurung almost roasted and ate us alive” – Alok Kant Mani Thulung’s full speech

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DARJEELING, 20 NOVEMBER 2017: Gorkha Janmukti Yuva Morcha (GJYM), the youth wing of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) has come out strongly against exiled party Chief Bimal Gurung. GJYM President Alok Kant Mani Thulung has said that they (GJYM) did not oppose Bimal Gurung personally nor had anything personal against him. They opposed his policies and the coterie that formed around him which took all the decision and destroyed the democratic structure of the party. Thulung while speaking at the meeting organised by the GJM (Binay-Anit) faction Darjeeling sub-division branch said that there was a crisis in leadership during the 104 day long strike. He said that Binay Tamang had declared that the (Binay) would sit on fast unto death for Gorkhaland and had invited leaders from other political parties which was accepted. However, it was Bimal Gurung who refused to allow Binay to fast unto death out of the fear that he (Binay) would become more popular than Gurung. Thulung said that Gurung had been greatly worried about his position within the party and as such had stifled popular voice within the party thus alienating higher and mid lever leaders and party workers.

Thulung said that there was a need for the change in leadership within the party. At the same time there was a need for the change in modus operandi too. It is not that we are taking advantage of the fact that Bimal Gurung has entered the jungle and is in hiding leaving behind a power vacuum. He said that even if Gurung was present, the question of change of leadership would have arisen. Thulung added that it was not right to wash one’s dirty laundry in public (speak about the secret within the party openly). He that the manner in which the Bombs were exploded in the hills during the agitation and the way in which the so called Gorkha Liberation Army (GLA) took responsibility of the same was highly suspicious. He said that the GLA was attached with Sanjay Thulung in 2014. Sanjay Thulung was the Vice President of GJYM and a Sabhasad from Takdah-Glenburn (member of the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration – GTA Sabha). He had to go underground after allegations of weapons being found in his possession. There was also allegations that the GLA was linked to the Militant Organisations in the North East. Thulung said that today we are deemed as having betrayed the race. “Why was it that Sanjay Thulung who comes from Sai Samiti and can’t even hurt a fly conspired to be indicted in arms case by the GJM Chief (Bimal Gurung)? Why was he was removed from the party and removed from the membership of Sabha?” Thulung inquired.

“Bimal Gurung has roasted and ate Sanjay Thulung. Even we were roasted and eaten after being framed in the Madan Tamang murder case. Now he will also roast and eat Dipen Malay, Prakash Gurung and Priyabardan Rai because these three devoted lovers of Gorkhaland are still with him. I worry for them and care for them because they are my friends.But Bimal Gurung is manipulating them and keeping them with him in the jungle,” Thunlung said.

Thulung added that he was not saying that there were weapons but he said that the people from many fringe areas should be inquired. He demanded National Investigating Agency (NIA) to investigate the violence that flared in the hills as to who was responsible for it as soon as possible and make the findings public.

According to observers, Thulung was critical of Gurung and his speech was very revealing. One such observer said that the open tirade against Gurung showed that long absence of Gurung had withered away his influence in the Hills to a great extent.

Pravin Thami

Pravin Thami is the Chief Cameraman and the Coordinator Darjeeling Region for ‘The Himalayan Beacon’.