Alleged Murderer of a widow and two young sons’ House Raged to the ground

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KALIMPONG, 5 FEBRUARY 2018: Dewar Surya Bhujel, who allegedly hacked to death his widowed younger sister-in-law Junita Bhujel and nephews Atit Bhujel and Skrit Bhujel aged 8 and 6 years respectively had his house burnt to ashes by enraged villagers. The villagers did not allow the dousing of the fire. Dewar Surya Bhujel’s elder brother and relatives have sought police protection.

It may be noted that the brutality with which Bhujel killed his younger widowed sister-in-law and her two sons have led to great fury among the villagers. Bhujel had not only hacked off Junita Bhujel’s head but had chopped off her fingers like vegetables. He had killed the young 8 year old Atit Bhujel near his mother who seems to have come to project his mother. Younger Atit Bhujel merely 6 years old had been asleep when Dewar killed him in the bed.

Dewar Surya Bhujel has been arrested but the villagers fury has so far not be calmed.

Ashap Lama

Ashap Lama is the Chief Cameraman and Coorespondent Kalimpong Region for ‘The Himalayan Beacon’.