Allegation of Death due to Doctor’s negligence at Darjeeling District Hospital

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DARJEELING, 13 JANUARY 2018: Allegation of death of a patient due to doctor’s negligence at Darjeeling District Hospital has been made by the patient’s family members. In a press briefing held at Darjeeling Press Guild, the elder brother of the deceased Biju Rai said that Rai had been admitted in Darjeeling District Hospital after experiencing chronic stomach pain. She was being treated by Dr. A. Burman. Dr. Burman diagnosed the patient as having stone in the gall bladder. She was subsequently given a date for surgery. When the patient arrived at Darjeeling District Hospital on the said date for the operation, Dr. Burman said that since the patient was very weak and that she could not recover from the surgery, her date for surgery was postponed so that she could recover her strength. She was asked to be taken to her home to recover her strength. Subsequently she was re-admitted on the 13th of December for surgery. On the 15th of December she was taken for surgery. During operation Dr. Burman suspected that the patient was also suffering from Tuberculosis as such the operation was abandoned and gall bladder stone was not removed.

Later when the family member of the patient inquired about the condition of the patient, Dr. Burman recommended opting for medical course for recovery from Tuberculosis. Later when the biopsy report and other tests revealed that the patient did not suffer from Tuberculosis. Meanwhile medical course for Tuberculosis continued despite the fact that the patient did not have Tuberculosis. At the same time the condition of the patient deteriorated. Her stomach began to swell and she started having trouble breathing. Dr. Burman then suggested that the liquid had filled up the patient’s stomach and had to be removed. Subsequently, three bottles of liquid was drawn from the patient’s stomach. Ultimately, the patient passed away.

The deceased Biju Rai’s elder brother said that Doctors are taken to be Gods and they truly are the one’s who have power to heal people. However, still, he said it was due to the Doctor’s negligence that his sister died. He also said that when the death certificate was handed over to the family members, Tuberculosis has been mentioned. He demanded that the Hospital provided report of his sister having Tuberculosis. He also alleged that despite the fact that the family members had registered a First Information Report (FIR) against the Doctor, no postmortem was performed on the deceased to ascertain the truth behind the death. He also lamented that the Police was not ready to register FIR against a Doctor. He further said that the family members had meet the District Medical Officer (DMO) and he had promised inquiry into the matter.

The deceased has left behind a young son. She belonged to Rai Gaon from Rimbick Lodhama Constituency.

The Himalayan Beacon’s repeated attempt to contact Dr. A. Burman and to get this comment on the entire issue went unanswered.

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