Guidelines for Reviewer

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All selected reviewers must adhere and follow the guidelines formed by Himalayan Journal of Social Sciences and Media Studies (ISSN 2348 – 781X) Editorial board / Peer Group

  1. Reviewers must critically review the assigned paper in specified time frame of HJSSMS.
  2. Reviewers must follow the full double blind international refereeing process to ensure the quality review.
  3. All the review feedback must be provided in written form through HJSSMS Review template.
  4. Reviewers must highlight the parts of submitted manuscripts that require amendments from authors. The expert reviewer suggestions will be value added.
  5. If reviewers find any paper suitable for publishing even then critical remarks should be given in order to improve the quality of manuscripts.
  6. The paper will be reviewed by the same reviewer once the suggested changes are done in reviewed paper.
  7. Reviewers must maintain the formatting and style of original manuscripts as strictly adhered by templates of HJSSMS.
  8. Editorial board of HJSSMS has every right to override any suggested changes by reviewers and their decision should not be ruled out by reviewer.